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 What Keeps You Up at Night?

As the person responsible for your constituents data, you are the person they will look to if something goes wrong. That could be a big deal. Where is your data stored and who has access to that data? If this does not keep you awake at night, maybe it should.

This is why the system you select to house the data of your donors and contacts is so important. You need to know that the data is housed in a way that is safe and secure. But how?

How easily can you access your data? Sounds odd but the easier you can get to your data, the easier the bad guys can. Make sure your connection includes security features that protect you from illegal connection to your data. An example of this would include IP filtering. With IP filtering, you can allow only certain IP addresses, like from your office, to connect to the system. Another simple but effective method is to provide two-factor authentication. For example let’s say you login from a new machine, from which you had not previous logged in, the system will make you prove it is you by sending a notification to your phone or email. If you cannot access your email or phone, you cannot get on.

Mission Control is a system built on a state-of-the-art, secure platform used by fortune 50 companies including financial institutions. That is correct. Your data can be housed in a database so secure, that large enterprises use everyday to process millions of transactions. The other great news is that all of this security will cost you less a dollar a day. http://frontier7.us

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